Best Place to Find Heat and Cold Therapy Products

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your prime about to take on the Boston Marathon or heading into your Golden Years with a mild sprain. Pain is pain, and a muscle injury can ruin your day, week, month, and even longer if left untreated.

Muscle pain is incredibly common and can involve multiple groupings, ligaments, tendons, and fascia, making it challenging for injury recovery to take effect. That is why many people turn to heat and cold therapy products to help ease the pain and speed recovery.

Heat Therapy 

Chronic pain can come from a pulled muscle, joint, back issue, pinched nerve, arthritis, and more. By boosting your body’s natural circulation and blood flow using heat therapy, you can send more necessary nutrients and oxygen to those specific parts that need the most attention. The goal of heath therapy is to relieve pain, lower inflammation, and increase circulation. Not to mention it has significant soothing properties that many of us enjoy even if we aren’t in pain, but just want a chance to relax with a decent heating pad under the sheets.

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy works extremely well for those with more acute pain from a sudden fall or sports-related injury. It decreases the pain and swelling by constricting the blood vessels, and this, in turn, reduces inflation. This can make a significant difference when you have an egg-sized bruise pop up after a particularly competitive game of squash.

Combining the Two Methods

Alternating between heat and cold therapy is also an option to reduce inflammation and swelling. A great example is muscle strain common among laborers and athletes. For example, if you have strained your calf muscles too hard riding down a mountain on a bike, you may need to use this method.

You can apply cold therapy to ease the inflammation and numb the pain, and then apply heat therapy to relax the muscle after the inflammation has gone down. This is called “pumping,” where you restrict your body’s circulation to reduce swelling and then increase it quickly to send the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the affected area to aid injury recovery systems.

A Few Tips
You should always consult a professional healthcare provider before doing therapy of any kind, but a few tips to keep in mind: 
  • Keep your skin protected to prevent burning
  • Increase the intensity slightly with each rotation
  • Stretch during the heat treatments
  • Make sure to use enough heat
  • Always finish with cold

The pain may come back after your treatment, and that is normal. Depending on the severity of your injury, it may take a bit of time to feel 100% again.

Where to Get Heat and Cold Therapy Products

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