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In today's busy world, it's easy for people to neglect to care for themselves as they tend to the demands of work and raising a family. However, this can have a negative impact on personal productivity. Therefore, it's important to help your children learn the importance of self-care. 

Encourage Your Kids To Exercise

You've probably noticed that your children have much more energy than you do. One reason for this is that kids under the age of 7 live in the present moment rather than worrying about the future. It makes sense since, at that age, they have little responsibility. 

You may also notice that they have a great deal of pent-up energy, especially during the school year when they spend much of their day seated. Help your kids burn off energy and recharge their minds with regular exercise. Some days, you can work out with them to an exercise video for kids. Other days you can go for a hike in the Cumming area, perhaps at Big Creek Greenway, or visit the Forsyth County Family YMCA to swim or participate in a youth program. 

Create Art 

For most people, art is a destresser. It helps them focus on something other than the stress of everyday life. For children, that may mean escaping from the pressures of school.

Art can also be a way for your kids to creatively express themselves. Creating art has been shown to reduce cortisol levels in some people. Cortisol is a stress hormone that impacts sleep and wake cycles as well as energy levels.  

Set a Good Example

While you're a role model in general as a parent, your kids see how much or little you do for yourself. You need to set a good example of how to properly care for yourself while managing all your responsibilities

For example, if you work from home, set ground rules for your children. Establish a designated time when they need to play independently and only disturb you for an emergency. You can create a schedule and post it on the fridge so your children know exactly when you need alone time.

It can also be helpful to show your kids that you sometimes need time to decompress, such as by reading a book.  

Listen to Music

Encourage your children to listen to music alone. Let them find what they enjoy the most. Whether they relax or dance, it's time for them to destress. Listening to music has been shown to stimulate the release of natural stress reducers.

Teach Your Kids To Balance Time Wisely From a Young Age

You set the bar for your children to balance time throughout their lives. Make sure that as your kids start new hobbies, they're not overbooking themselves, especially with the amount of homework they have. Their schedules still need to include time for creative play and friends.  

Additionally, make sure you're listening to your children regarding their stress levels. Help them better manage their schedules by setting boundaries and creating routines. 

Teach Your Children the Importance of Self-Care 

When you teach your children to take time for themselves, you can create habits that can benefit them for life. 

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