Heat and Cold Therapy in Management of Injury Recovery

About 30 million children and teens participate in some form of organized sport in the U.S., resulting in more than 3.5 million injuries a year. However, those sports-related injuries only make up a third of the entire pains incurred by that group, and by far, the most common problems are muscle or joint sprains and strains.

That is just in the younger demographic. Think about all the adults going for a quick pick-up basketball game on the weekend, hiking town trails in the morning, or the older generation that can have serious medical issues from a simple fall. Finding a way to manage these common injuries is a real challenge easily remedied by a combination of heat and cold therapy systems.


Why Blend Heat and Cold for Injury Recovery?

The primary problem with only using cold or hot methods for injury recovery is the average human being may not know what is best used in different situations. For instance, you never want to use heat on acute injuries. Adding warmth can drastically increase inflammation, causing more pain and extending proper healing.

The general rule of thumb is to remember that heat brings more blood to where it is applied, and cold reduces swelling and inflammation by numbing the affected area. They serve two different applications, but they can have exceptional effects on your body when used in tandem. That is why many in the healthcare industry suggest healing using heat and cold therapy systems.


How Do They Work Together?

If you are experiencing some pulled muscles or targeted pain around your back, neck, knee, shoulder, etc., you may want to combine the two sources of pain management. Apply an ice pack directly to the area in need right after the injury to reduce swelling and inflammation. After that, gently apply heat to increase blood flow and encourage healing.

There are numerous methods for slipping between the two methods of injury recovery. In general, you would want to apply cold therapy ice first within 48-72 hours of sustaining an injury and then move to heat in 20 minute intervals. As with any injury, you should always seek professional care or treatment to ensure you will have the best possible injury recovery.

Try not to apply ice directly to your skin. Always use a towel or a cloth-covered ice pack so you won’t experience freeze burn. The same is true for heat. Don’t directly apply a kit to your skin if you cannot hold it in your hand without experiencing pain. You don’t want to worsen the injury because your heat application is too hot.


The Best Alternative

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